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Comparision of buck-converter parameters quality depending on coil selection

Data dodania: 2015-10-01
Typ: Artykuły


Natalia Pragłowska-Ryłko

Natalia Pragłowska-Ryłko

Dziedzina nauk technicznych

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Buck-Converters belong to DC/DC converters group. One of the main problems during the design stage of DC/DC converter is the proper component selection. The aim of this article is to describe selection of the opti-mal inductor for the Buck-Converter, enabling to minimize the device output overvoltage, while getting possibly high device efficiency. In order to verify the quality parameters, author made an efficiency comparison of the buck converter, depending on used inductor. Conclusions from this paper allow for optimal selection of coils for the Buck-Converter depending on given criteria.

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