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Bioplastic as food packaging

Bioplastic as food packaging

The survey is carried out by the Pro-Akademia Research and Innovation Centre in Konstantynów Łódzki. Its results will be included in the project for the production of modern, biodegradable food packaging.

We want to investigate whether consumers of bread, cakes and cookies follow the idea of ​​environmental protection in their consumer choices and whether they would be willing to support innovative environmental solutions.

Bioplastic is the best, ecological alternative to plastic, mainly produced from crude oil. It can be produced from plant raw materials or from waste biomass and is therefore completely safe for users and the environment.



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1. Would you support replacing traditional plastic food packaging with bioplastic packaging?

2. Did you know that bioplastics can be made from leftover bakery and confectionery products (eg. bread, cakes ...)?

3. Would it bother you to know that the bioplastic packaging in which the bread is wrapped is made of bakery and confectionery leftovers?

4. Would you expect a clear notice on the bioplastic packaging that will allow you to choose between traditional plastic and biodegradable plastic?

5. How much would you be able to pay extra for a product packed in bioplastic?

6. Did you know that bioplastic can extend the life of a product and preserve its visual and taste properties?

7. Would you share knowledge about such packaging with others?

8. Would you encourage others to use modern, environmentally friendly packaging?

Thank you for participating in the survey!